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This past year I've started taking a few vitamins regularly. I was feeling really off during the winter and my mom recommended I go to the doctor to make sure all my levels were right. I decided to get a blood test in January and I found out I was pretty deficient in Vitamin D and that finally answered a lot of my questions. The irritability, anxiety, depression can come from low Vitamin D. A normal amount of Vitamin D is 30 and up and I came in at 21. I thought I might as well take some other vitamins that might be beneficial to me as well just to make sure I'm all good. I now take 2000 of Vitamin D a day (yes I was that deficient), B-12, and calcium. I will lower my vitamin D to 1000 in the summer if I'm outside that day but for some days in rainy Chicago I'm staying on 2000. Nature Made is what we have in our house so I use that because I haven't really researched any others. Below are the benefits of these vitamins along with magnesium for my ADHD people! :) My goal in the future is to take a special vitamin blood test to see if I'm deficient in any others. It really is crazy if you're low in a certain vitamin how your mind and body react to it. You'll get to know that I love fixing things and if there's something wrong then I'll do what it takes to fix it. Why not!

PS: for Vitamin D, you can't really get what you need from food, so supplements are usually needed.

Vitamin D Benefits:

Improves bone health, reduces diabetes, reduces depression, increases muscle strength, and can prevent the common cold

Foods rich in this vitamin:

dairy, orange juice, soy milk, cereals, egg yolks, salmon

B-12 Benefits:

Boots energy levels, reduces depression, prevents certain cancers, helps with cholesterol, makes hair healthier, and promotes healthy skin

Foods rich in this vitamin:

fish, meat, poultry, eggs and fortified cereals

Calcium Benefits:

Strengthens bones, prevents obesity, controls blood pressure, maintains healthy teeth and gums, and helps IBS (FYI: your body needs Vitamin D to absorb Calcium)

Foods rich in this vitamin:

milk, kale, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, edamame, oranges

Magnesium Benefits:

If you have ADHD it's known to help you to sleep better if you take it before bed, calms nerves and anxiety, prevents migraines, relieves muscle aches, and helps with digestion

Foods rich in this vitamin:

spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds, black beans, yogurt

Well.. to break it down.. here's a little bit about me and some commonly asked questions.

  • How old are you?

  • Born in June 1991

  • Where do you live?

  • Suburbs of Chicago

  • Why did you start a blog?

  • I wanted something to focus on and keep my mind busy. I love photography, video, fashion, being organized and planning things out and this was perfect for me.

  • When was your first blog post?

  • I had a blog for a hot second with a friend back in 2010 but we only had probably 5 posts. For this website, I went live on June 26, 2017 and launched with 7 posts.

  • Where are you originally from?

  • I was born in Chicago but my parents are originally from Poland. They immigrated here in 1987 and we try to go visit family there every 2-3 years (my whole dad's side is still there.) I just visited in June of 2018 and wrote up a Poland Travel Guide blog post. That's also where my fiance and I got engaged.​

  • Who is Colin?

  • Colin is my now husband. We got engaged June of 2018 in Poland (engagement Q&A here and proposal video here) We've been dating since January 2015. We just got married in Punta Cana in June of 2019 and then we had a second weeding in Chicago a month later.

  • What kind of dog do you have?

  • I have a toy poodle named Misia- she was born 9/12/18. There's a post all about her. My parents got her brother, Rudy- their instagram page is adorbs. He's 5 months younger than Misia!

  • How did you meet?

  • ​We met at a bar (Johnbarley Corn) in Lincoln Park Chicago. He was visiting his friends here in Chicago since he lived in Long Island, New York. We were long distance for the first year of being official and then he moved to Chicago in January of 2016.

  • Have you lived anywhere other than Chicago?​

  • I was born in Chicago but studied abroad in Florence, Italy for 4 months and spent the weekends traveling Europe. I also had an internship in LA the summer after Italy at a fashion showroom. Came back to Chicago with one more year of school left and ended up landing a dream job here even though the only places I applied for was in NY and LA.

  • What did you study in college?

  • Fashion Business/Bachelor of Arts

  • Achievement for which you feel most proud of in your life?

  • My career path thus far. I started out as a model agent after graduating college and represented high fashion male models, kids, and commercial print adults. Being well versed in all 3 categories has helped throughout my life now in advertising as a talent manager dealing with talent bookings for our commercials.

  • Your favorite TV series?

  • I watch SO much reality TV. It is my favorite thing to do in my down time. 90 Day Fiance, Real Housewives, Below Deck, Vanderpump Rules, HGTV, and EVEN Teen Mom to name a few.

  • Favorite way to stay in shape?

  • I recently started getting into yoga (love the meditation aspect of it and getting back into the present moment) but I also love Insanity for a quick fix. (here's my blog post of how I lost 30 pounds doing Insanity) After a month of doing it I always feel so much stronger and toned. I've finished the 9 week program twice and typically only do it when I feel I've fallen off path. :) Also love doing Whole 30 to reset!

  • Favorite food?

  • Cheeseburgers (Portillo's has the best) & my top 5 Chicago restaurants are here.

  • Your ideal vacation?

  • Anywhere with the sun

(I update this frequently to add more commonly asked questions)

xoxox ela

My first blog post! What? I sure did!

I started this for many different reasons but mainly because I actually feel like I've done so much lately that I want to show and explain how I did it. For example some home remodeling tips and some deals on clothing and shoes that I've found and also trips like going to Italy for $500 that included hotel and airfare. I also like to be busy and in this day in age when we're bored we just look at social media. So why not put effort into my own? Putting out your ideas, and your trips to any viewer out there who wants to see it sounded fun and I loved the idea of posting about it in detail. I do have to say that doing this blog will push me doing things I don't like to do.. and that is being detailed in words (I hate writing), and putting effort into something 100% and not giving up. I've always thought of the idea of doing a blog and if you're someone like me then isn't it so easy to tell yourself: "it's going to be so hard to come up with content every week" or "i might be into it for a while but what if I don't feel like doing it anymore" or "what if no one reads it and it's pointless." Well that's ok because those are my thoughts and I'm still doing it! Taking a plunge into the blogging world- Do it with me.

Travel, home remodeling, fashion, happiness, and health posts to come!


Hi, I'm Ela! I started this blog to share all my knowledge of fashion, home decor, travel and more. I previously worked as a men's model agent (see that post here) and now I work in advertising. Majoring in Fashion Business, I've always had a love towards fashion and love sharing about it. I get so excited getting pieces for a steal (my Polish background does that to me,) I love to travel anywhere and everywhere, and I love interior decor and turning something old into something beautiful and new.


From traveling, fashion, home decor, happiness and health, follow here to see more.






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