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1 DPO TO 13 DPO Symptoms

Obviously we are pregnant :) and when trying I was googling SO much about symptoms (way early on before even implantation) so I knew I always definitely wanted to share this info with you all who may also be trying to get pregnant!

I tracked my cycle pretty well and have all the info below. If you don't know what DPO means it means day post ovulation! I have a blog post here kind of explaining more of our journey. If you track your cycle pretty heavily then you might know the exact day you ovulated. Something that really helps to know is checking your temperature every day 'basal body temperature' - helps to tell you after the fact if you truly did ovulate. I tracked all my info in the Kindara app- I've included my chart below too.

So for two days I had really strong cramping after the Ovidrel shot (more info on that here) so I know I ovulated that second day because the third the cramping went away. The mild pelvic pain the first few days were definitely from either the shot or ovulation. I kind of had mild pelvic cramping at least once a day for the first couple weeks.

1 DPO: mild pelvic pain

2 DPO: mild pelvic pain, fatigue, headache

3 DPO: mild pelvic pain, stuffy nose waking up (which I have a lot so it may be nothing)

4 DPO: mild pelvic pain, watery down there (usually sign of ovulation)

5 DPO: no symptons, watery down there

6 DPO: watery down there

7 DPO: moderate bloating, gassy, pelvic pain (twinges near stomach while going to bed)

8 DPO: pelvic pain, gassy, didn't love the pizza I usually love (was I looking too into things...? can you have a difference in taste buds for a day? lol)

9 DPO: moderate bloating and pelvic pain, gassy and lower back pain. This was the start of me getting sharp left side pains and some uterus pressure. My left ovary area was still a little painful but I think it was still from the Ovidrel shot. The cramps and bloating felt like my period coming and I was convinced I was getting my period. (this may have been when I implanted) I wasn't craving any bad food, only salads. I saw a faint faint line on a pregnancy test here but since I was testing out my trigger shot (more info in the blog post linked above) I thought it was still the trigger.

10 DPO: Mild bloating, reflux, pelvic pain and lower back pain. Left ovary still hurt and left side pains again- test becoming darker

11 DPO: pelvic pain, pulling sensations in uterus- test becoming darker

12 DPO: reflux, pelvin pain, gassy- test becoming darker and had an appt this day to check HCG and we were definitely pregnant!

13 DPO: pelvic pain on left ovary (made me think I had an ectopic but I didn't!)

I didn't have sore boobs until Day 20 DPO when I was 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

I googled SOOO much for symptoms and peoples real experiences so I hope this helps you so you don't feel alone and so you can see a positive test experience.

Below is the Kindara tracking chart .. if you're not familiar, the blue numbers are my DPO's and shows my temperature and temperature spike. I ovulated cycle day 24. After 15 days I stopped temping and just logged in my symptoms. I'm going to do another blog post of my 12 weeks symptoms!


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xoxo ela

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Thank u so much for this post… i have been searching these symptoms from very long time.. it’s helpful. Love

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