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Timeless Pieces To Buy: Men's Edition (all under $100)

My friends fiance recently asked me what items he should purchase because he needs to revamp his wardrobe. First thing I said was to get classic pieces that will last a while since most most men hate to shop and these pieces will definitely get some wear and tear. Neutrals are always easy and black as well because you can mix and match so easily and don't have to fuss around with patterns that don't go together. Most men really don't know how to match.. so the more classic of pieces they can get, the longer it'll last them and the easiest it will be for them to get dressed in the morning.

I'm thankful that my boyfriend has a simple style and likes classic pieces because I don't know what I'd do! (other than buy him new clothes) These are also pieces that we would always recommend our models to wear (when I was a men's model agent) to castings because it's simple and classic. Fit is important as well so make sure you are getting your correct size and not something too baggy. Below are a few men's items that are a must and easy.. and all under $100!







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