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When I Found Out I Was Vitamin Deficient

This past year I've started taking a few vitamins regularly. I was feeling really off during the winter and my mom recommended I go to the doctor to make sure all my levels were right. I decided to get a blood test in January and I found out I was pretty deficient in Vitamin D and that finally answered a lot of my questions. The irritability, anxiety, depression can come from low Vitamin D. A normal amount of Vitamin D is 30 and up and I came in at 21. I thought I might as well take some other vitamins that might be beneficial to me as well just to make sure I'm all good. I now take 2000 of Vitamin D a day (yes I was that deficient), B-12, and calcium. I will lower my vitamin D to 1000 in the summer if I'm outside that day but for some days in rainy Chicago I'm staying on 2000. Nature Made is what we have in our house so I use that because I haven't really researched any others. Below are the benefits of these vitamins along with magnesium for my ADHD people! :) My goal in the future is to take a special vitamin blood test to see if I'm deficient in any others. It really is crazy if you're low in a certain vitamin how your mind and body react to it. You'll get to know that I love fixing things and if there's something wrong then I'll do what it takes to fix it. Why not!

PS: for Vitamin D, you can't really get what you need from food, so supplements are usually needed.

Vitamin D Benefits:

Improves bone health, reduces diabetes, reduces depression, increases muscle strength, and can prevent the common cold

Foods rich in this vitamin:

dairy, orange juice, soy milk, cereals, egg yolks, salmon

B-12 Benefits:

Boots energy levels, reduces depression, prevents certain cancers, helps with cholesterol, makes hair healthier, and promotes healthy skin

Foods rich in this vitamin:

fish, meat, poultry, eggs and fortified cereals

Calcium Benefits:

Strengthens bones, prevents obesity, controls blood pressure, maintains healthy teeth and gums, and helps IBS (FYI: your body needs Vitamin D to absorb Calcium)

Foods rich in this vitamin:

milk, kale, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, edamame, oranges

Magnesium Benefits:

If you have ADHD it's known to help you to sleep better if you take it before bed, calms nerves and anxiety, prevents migraines, relieves muscle aches, and helps with digestion

Foods rich in this vitamin:

spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds, black beans, yogurt

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