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How I Lost 30 Pounds Doing Insanity

Whenever I need a quick fix or feel like I've fallen off path, I always turn to Insanity. It's a max interval training video with going hard for 3 minute intervals and then you have 30 second breaks. 1 video a day, 6 days on, 1 day off, 38-42 minute workouts depending on day (about 15 minutes of that is stretching aka it's really not that bad!) The 2nd month the sessions are a bit longer ranging from 47-59 minutes. They say you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour and the best thing is it requires NO equipment. The first time I ever tried it was in 2011 and I did 8 weeks of it (6 days on, 1 day off) until Thanksgiving hit on the 9th week. Sorry but I got lazy :) But for the first time, someone asked me how I got my calves to look so great... but that wasn't the only thing. My entire body toned up and I lost body fat and ate so much better. While doing Insanity you have to start eating 5, 300 calorie meals because you're constantly hungry which means your metabolism is working a ton. I stayed in shape while studying abroad in Italy as well, its so easy when you have it on your computer and you can essentially do it anywhere. Most recently, I had really fallen off the beaten path and needed to lose some weight. It was a year after dating my boyfriend that I realized I had gained some weight from eating out a lot. He lived in NY the first year we dated and would visit every 2 weeks and I would eat dinner that Friday night but then also when I picked him up from the airport at 10 PM, I couldn't say no to Umami Burger. Bad habits that needed to be changed. My 5 foot frame body also doesn't hide any weight gain.So April 2016 came and from April 1st, I told myself I would finish up the entire 9 week program. And I did. Now.... I did NOT lose 30 pounds in 9 weeks. It really took me until November 2016 to lose all of that but I kept up with Insanity again, and started the 9 week program after eachother after about a week off. Now sometimes I was not able to finish it in 9 weeks straight, there was a vacation in the middle of that that I needed to take a week break, and that's ok. As long as you try to not eat a ton on vaca and maybe try going on the elyptical at the hotel gym. I just started doing it again this year and am on my 4th week now and remember how much I love it and I feel like I can start seeing abs now that I'm thinner and am doing it mainly to tone up for our Punta Cana trip in June. Hope this inspires someone to get healthy- it really does give you so much energy and confidence. You can check out insanity here (the shorts in my after pic literally used to be tight on me)


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