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How I Found Amazing Swimsuits From a Youtube Video/ One Piece Swimsuits Under $50

I am a bit addicted to watching vloggers on Youtube and normally I don't care to watch the "May Favorites" or videos like that but one day I was watching this video about cheap swimsuits and ended up purchasing two of them! It was amazing because not only did the vlogger try them on but she mentioned if it was good material, if it felt like $15 (AKA CHEAP,) and if it fit correctly. I know I've shared these swimsuits already a lot of my social media but I wanted to show I even found them. Youtube is a great thing! Below are the two that I bought from the videos and I included some other cute one pieces under $50. Especially when you're at an all inclusive resort, all you want to do it wear a one piece because of all the food and drinks. :) I'll also do a future post on my favorite vloggers.

Blog post on my Punta Cana birthday trip: click here

Vlog of Punta Cana: click here

Nordstrom sale is still going on! Until August 6th: click here for my favorite picks

This suit below runs small. I have a medium on.

Palm tree suit- True to size. I have a small on.

White suit runs small. Size up.

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