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5 Best (New and Old) Cocktail Rooftop Spots in Chicago

I CANNOT believe it's already August. That means we need to soak up the rest of the summer! The running joke with my life is that I love being on elevated surfaces. Whether it's dancing on them or sipping a cocktail on a roof. Rooftops are my FAVORITE. Good views, feeling invincible, little girl syndrome I may have but I'll take it! There's been a few rooftops that have recently opened in Chicago and a few that are my all time favorites. Check these out!

1. Cabana Club at The Robey Chicago Hotel


Opened recently (I believe April) and it's amazing because its a little rooftop pool with drinks in WICKER! Apparently only guests from the hotel are allowed in the pool but anyone can come up for drinks even if you're not staying at the hotel. LOVE.

2. LH Rooftop at the LondonHouse Chicago


Just realized a lot of these places are on top of hotels (actually all of them) but it's a great place to meet tourists too! Who cares if they're not from your city... neither was my boyfriend but he moved to Chicago later on. Long distance isn't that bad.. :) This place has just as good of views as the next place (Trump Terrace) because they're across the street from each other. They face different directions of the river but both are great.

3. The Terrace at Trump in Trump International Restaurant


Once again, great views of Chicago's most popular area. Keep in mind that places like this will have higher drink prices so be prepared.

4. Drumbar in Rafaello Hotel

Gold Coast

This is right off of Michigan Ave and it feels more cozy since you're surrounded by mostly buildings. You can see the lake a bit but definitely has more of a intimate feel.

5. Noyane at Conrad Hotel

River North

Noyane is a Japanese restaurant focusing on SUSHI. YUM. They have others appetizers if you're not a fan of sushi but this weirdly turned into me talking about their food other than drinks. Of course. Nothing new. I am one that would rather a burger than a drink but I have issues.


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