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How I Motivate Myself To Workout

With Insanity, you have to really motivate yourself because you have to do it 6 days a week or you mess up the schedule. I recently posted about how I lost 30 pounds doing Insanity so if you haven't read that, click here. I feel incredibly lucky that my office building has a gym where I take my laptop there at my lunch break and watch my Insanity videos while everyone else is using the machines in there. No shame. Gotta do it! The first thing that has helped me getting the motivation at work is wearing my sports bra under my chunky sweaters. This might not work for everyone but for someone with an A cup, no one can tell. :) Getting changed is half the battle so it really helps motivate me. Another thing is when I do it at work, it's a great way to get away from the computer after a while. I don't know about you but I get headaches if I stare at the screen for too long so I actually enjoy going to the gym and getting a change of scenery. The last thing that helps is when I'm actually doing it and I want to put more energy into it, imagining how happy I am when I see my abs makes me so excited. If you're not as lucky to be able to workout at work, then try to do it in the morning before work or even when you get home from work.

1. Wearing my sports bra to work

2. Getting away from the computer (helps you get back into the present moment when moving around)

3. Imagining how happy I get when I see my abs coming out

All these things come together and help me want to do it everyday. What do you do to get motivated to work out?

xo ela


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