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What Camera I Use (and my favorite camera gadgets)

Cameras can be hard to shop for but when you see someone have one that takes great photos, you get it. AKA my friend Amber had the Sony a5000 and I loved how it took videos, that the screen flipped up so you can see yourself, and the quality of the photos were great. I then found out most vlogging Youtubbers had the camera so I instantly thought, wow it must be really nice! I can be easily persuaded. I had to get it. What I also love about it is that it connects via WIFI to your phone so you can instantly instagram or FB the images. I personally still use my WIFI enabled memory card because it's what I used with my old DSLR camera and I have it connected to my phone already.

SONY A5000: (I have the white)

Before I got the Sony A5000, my family and I bought a refurbished Canon Rebel T3 and it works great too. The only thing that is not appealing is that it is a traditional big DSLR camera. The Sony is so much easier to carry around and I feel like it takes similar quality photos. I've been wanting to get a new lens for this camera because the one it comes with is decent, but if you want to use it for blogging photos, you should probably get a nicer lens.

Canon Rebel T3:

When I tried to make a Youtube video before I got a tripod or a flexipod, it was incredibly hard to set up the camera to be leveled, high up, etc. I've seen similar flexipods used by Youtubbers so I ordered a random one and it ended up being perfect. It's not too big so I can use it as a handle to take videos which I was so excited about. It can also attach to things and bend, which I doubt I'll use much of but the reason I liked it was because it can stand higher up if you do want to take videos of yourself and not have a double chin. :)

This tripod that I bought, I actually bought from someone on Offerup. I've sold so many things on that app and this was the first time I bought something. It was already so cheap on Amazon but I got it for even cheaper and it's all I needed. Works great, no complaints.

Ravelli 50" Light Weight Tripod:

And if you don't have a WIFI camera and don't want to spend hundreds on one, here's a photo of the memory card I have and the link. It connects to an app on your phone and you can download your images right away and post away on your social media.

Wifi Memory Card:

Regular Memory Card (and more space!) 64 GB:

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you have any questions!

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