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Navy Blue and Black

Back from an amazing wedding week in Kansas City for my best friends wedding! She asked me to videotape her wedding since she didn't get a videographer and I got as much footage as I could since I stood up in it too as a bridesmaid. Here's the link to check it out! My first ever wedding montage. :)

On to this outfit! I've had this navy blue hat for years! It's still a staple in my fall wardrobe and even winter because I always need my head to be warm. :) Paired with my All Saints jacket that was one of my big splurges in life. These are also one of the pairs of shoes that Call It Spring gifted to me and I LOVE all their shoes because they are so affordable. It's a subcomany of Aldo which are always a bit pricier. It's getting so much colder in Chicago so my Insta outfit pics are soon going to be in a parka! haha. On to another week. Have a good one!!

Photography by Stephen- Cheong Leen

xoxo ela

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