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Dark Olive and Leather

Can't believe it's Thanksgiving week!! I CANNOT wait to make some cheesy corn and pulled pork sandwiches. All because of my first BBQ experience in Kansas City for my friends wedding a couple weeks ago. It was so good!! This outfit can totally be worn for Thanksgiving with the family too. I have a secret to tell and I actually wear fleece leggings under these faux leather leggings. I get so cold so easily! I don't know how I'm from Chicago and still live here... :)

These shoes are one of the ones I chose from Call It Spring when they decided to send me a couple pairs. I did not think that such a big brand would send me items so soon! I started this blog as an outlet and something fun to focus on so I was very surprised and thankful! I hope you all have a great holiday week! What are you guys doing for the Thanksgiving?

Photography by Stephen Cheong Leen

xoxox ela

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