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Black Jumpsuit for the Holidays

It's crazy that Chicago has hit some type of heat wave but it's finally cooled down. I'm sad about it. I loved the 55 degree weather having my Christmas tree up! I'm getting super excited for the holidays though and going on vacation to Puerto Vallarta with my two cousins the night of Christmas! We're only going for about 4 nights but it's just enough time to get some Vitamin D and get out of cold Chicago!

On to this outfit... you could totally wear this on Christmas! This Jcew jumpsuit has been in my closet for years and it's the perfect jumpsuit to layer over and also wear on a hot summer day. I found a similar one here for about the same price I paid for it. I wore it during Colin and I's first vacation to Spain and with a big colorful necklace it's so cute! I got it during a crazy sale and it was the best feeling ever. Check out so many different options of a black jumpsuit below.. all under $100.


Photography by Stephen Cheong Leen

xox ela

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