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Gingham Baby

Gingham is back ladies! I love that these pants are trending now and especially because I found them at Asos Petite! I'm very short so I always have trouble getting any pants online and I was so happy that these fit me! Added a pop of red because that looks so good with gingham. Also paired with my splurge of an item, my leather jacket. I bought this when my friend worked at All Saints and got a 50% discount, but it is also on sale right now!! Such a staple piece that you should splurge on because it also keeps you way warmer than a cheap leather jacket in the winter months.

Moving on to what next week is! I'm getting excited to make some dishes for Christmas and I want to hear what you make! Leave me some comments of ideas for me.

2 more days of the work week and then it's on to finishing up a wooden desk I am flipping into a white masterpiece with gold fixtures. Check out my insta stories for the behind the scenes :)

Photography by Stephen Cheong Leen

xox ela

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