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Why I See a Therapist and Why This Stigma Should End

Since the new year triggers people to take care of themselves physically and hit the gym, I wanted to share this now so that I could share my passion with being healthy mentally. Also with it being the season for seasonal depression which I wrote about my experience here, it's a great time to start a conversation about this.

Mental Health Therapy has had such a stigma and I feel like it's only starting to get a little bit better. I see a therapist BECAUSE I'M HUMAN. Plain and simple. My personality is that I like to fix things so if I'm thinking anxious thoughts and worrying about the simplest things when I have free time, then I want to fix that. It's not healthy I do it, and if I had a injury on my body, I would go to the doctor wouldn't I? There is such a stigma on mental health and therapy and I just want you to know that they say the smartest people go to therapy. It means that you want to be the best version of yourself and you want to be nip whatever it is in the butt as soon as possible. Because of my choice to start to go to therapy, my improvements have convinced 3 of my closest friends/family to also go and I feel so gratified and it's so heartwarming to see them improve their daily lives and feelings as well.

There are so many benefits of therapy like below. Who WOULDN'T want to feel great?

  • decreased problems with daily living

  • increased sense of joy and contentment

  • repaired and enhanced relationships

  • improved functioning at work, often leading to financial stability

  • increased activity, reduced social isolation

  • fewer doctor visits for physical symptoms

  • decreased use of mental health inpatient facilities

  • increased quality of life and overall life satisfaction

People just think going to a therapist is just where you have to open up all your feelings and feel uncomfortable, and it is at times but it's also a place where you have a friend to talk to who won't judge you. She or he is only there to help you and give you ideas of how to get through what it is you are going through.

Finding a therapist:

It may take you a few different people to find your "person" but I just started a search on and searched my town. I am on my third therapist now which works out because it's near my work. Picking somewhere by your work is also an option where you can go before work, at lunch, or after work. See if anyone can recommend someone for you, too. Maybe a friend goes and loves her therapist, you may too.

But it's so expensive!

Sometimes it is, but if you have a PPO plan with your insurance, then you can see a therapist for just $30! I also found that there are more counselor type therapists which don't charge as much either. Think about it as a medical expense and don't feel bad about it. You can go every couple months too if you'd like to and not feel like you need to go weekly.

I don't want them to think I need to go on medication.

If the therapist thinks you need to see a Psychiatrist for medicine, listen to them. They are the professionals and there is nothing wrong with that. I have come to find out so many people I would've never thought, were on medication for anxiety and it's so nice to know that other people deal with it too. Some don't believe in medication but if you are trying with all your might to control it without medicine and it's not working and it's affecting your day to day, then medication may be something for you. (please see a doctor regarding medicine as I'm not one, at all)

Insider Secret: I started a blog to focus on something in my free time so that I don't worry as much. If you feel like you do that as well in your free time, this has actually helped me a lot, so go for it too!

2018 is all about positivity :)

xoxo ela

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