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Bathroom Remodel #One

Disclaimer- I had to rewrite this post after not 'duplicating' it correctly to write one of my new 'spare bedroom remodel' posts. Just rewrote it for a second time. :)

We remodeled this in February and didn't even do much but it made such a difference! I've loved using Beyond Paint on my kitchen cabinets so we did the same in this bathroom and instantly it's a new vibe in here. Beyond Paint is basically a paint that doesn't require any stripping, or sanding. It's amazing and so easy.

1. Paint Cabinets

Firstly, I used Beyond Paint for the cabinets- I explain all the details of how to apply it here. I also used it to redo this wooden desk that we have now in my moms office.

2. Decorate!

I bought a few items from Marshalls and some other shops that really spiced up the vanity. A fake plant that is easy to upkeep, a mirrored tray, a vanity mirror, and floating shelves.

Let me know what you think of the remodel in the comments!

xoxo ela

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