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Frayed Coat

First off... I cannot believe this jacket went down to $29 from $129. It's such a cute piece for when the weather starts turning warmer- and I'm so happy to say that Chicago is seeing some warmer weather this next upcoming week! Yesterday was about 60 and the next days should be around the 40's which makes me so happy. Easter is actually my favorite holiday because it's in Spring and it makes me so happy when flowers start to bloom and the weather is warmer and warmer.

I spent the weekend working on my best friends bridal shower favors and bachelorette gifts. I love that I've downloaded Photoshop again because I can relearn all the stuff I used to know back in the day of working at a photo studio. I also went to dinner with my friend Nicki and her fiancé at Quartino which I won a $200 gift card at a fundraiser a couple weeks ago. We took so much food home, we were so full!

Insider Secret (for the next few outfit posts): This is the first time I had taken photos on a different camera and I'm still learning! Now I know I can't blow up ISO because my pictures will be grainy. You live and you learn! I also just bought a Canon lens 50MM F/1.8 for my Canon Rebel T3 and am so excited to be able to take and edit my own photos. It's going to be a learning experience but it's fun to challenge myself.

Speaking of...don’t forget to watch my insta stories for the behind the scenes of my everyday:)

xox ela

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