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White Fur

I don't know what came over me this weekend but I'm kind of sad that winter is soon over. No more faux fur or cool jackets. Never said that before so I really don't know what has come over me! I love this look and its so easy and timeless but still fashionable. I got the coat from Zara which I linked below and I also linked some other options from other stores. These pants also are a petite dream because they fit so well!

Moving on to life... I also can't believe Colin has 2 months left downtown before he moves in with me. We have only a little time left to really take advantage of the city and I hope to plan a brunch for a last little celebration! Would you guys want to see a vlog of the moving process? Comment down below!

Insider Secret: Photos are taken on a Canon Rebel T3 with a Canon lens 50MM F/1.8.

Speaking of...don’t forget to watch my insta stories for the behind the scenes of my everyday:)

xox ela

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