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Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee

Coffee was once always something I looked forward to in the morning and especially since my apartment building had free coffee, I had TONS of it. But then I realized all these reasons why I should stop and go for tea.


I used so much cream, sugar, that it was so unhealthy for me that my stomach started to seriously hurt as if I was lactose-intolerant or something.


I was not losing any weight because of adding this 300 calorie drink into my diet. Unless you drink it black, you're having more calories a day than a can of Coke would give you. That statistic just pisses me off. :)


When I didn't live in a building with free coffee, I'd go to Starbucks and spend a fortune on a SHORT White Chocolate which was about just the same price as a Tall. I'm not sure why I always got the short, I think the little bit of money I did spend made me feel better about myself.

If you spend $3.65 on coffee a day, that's $1332 a YEAR! ugh.


I was got jittery and shaky and honestly my anxiety was worse and I'd clam up which was a result of the coffee making my blood pressure go up. No bueno.


After your cup you feel amazing but then you CRASH. Just like a sugar crash if not worse. That doesn't feel good and then you just go for more. A-d-d-i-c-t-i-o-n.


I sleep like a baby now that I don't drink coffee, and I have more time in the morning because I don't have to stop at a coffee shop.


Withdrawal of coffee gives you headaches.


Whiter teeth for those that don't drink coffee!

What do I drink now?

Water or Tea

I drink green tea and also Lipton Tea sometimes as well. It's just so yummy! I'll do a separate post on why tea is good for you, another day :) Water is another staple which to be honest, I need to drink more of on a daily basis.

Talking about all this makes me want to get a new Tea Pot so I went and found the cutest ones! Ugh so tempting!

xoxo ela

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