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Black And White

In a way I'm sick of coats but in a way I'm not! We have probably a month or two is some type of heavier jacket so I'll keep it coming til we won't need them. This is a coat I got from Express a year ago (similar one here) but I never was wearing it because I wanted to tailor it. I tried it on recently and decided to just keep it as long as it is and just roll up the sleeves. Petite problems!!

I vlogged my entire Saturday though so if you haven't seen it- check it out here! I felt like I only posted videos when I was on a vacation or something interesting like a DIY project so it make me want to just film a normal Saturday at home!

Let me know if you like!

Insider Secret: Photos are taken on a Canon Rebel T3 with a Canon lens 50MM F/1.8.

Speaking of...don’t forget to watch my insta stories for the behind the scenes of my everyday:)

Wearing: Coat | Jeans | Tee | Purse | Shoes | Sunglasses

xox ela

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