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8 Things

I've seen a couple bloggers do this and I thought it'd be fun.

Except they did 12 things but.... I'll start with 8.

1. I am currently saving all my money for a future home. l want to buy a fixer upper and make it my own but when I see a completed home it also makes me wonder how nice it'd be to just move in right away! I have so many boards on my Pinterest of my visions like Closet Goals, my Dream Homes, and Home Decor, among others!

2. I'm still doing BBG and am on week 3 out of 12 but now that weights are incorporated I can only really do it at work on my lunch break because I don't have a jump rope, weights, or a step stool at home. (I'm sure I could figure out something to step on though :) ) I've been getting lazy some days and only do 3 out of the 4 repetitions but I am, starting now, on a focus to eat better!

3. I've been coming up with a writers block on my blog lately and don't have as many posts ready to go as I once used to. (comment what you'd like to see!) Do you like the home renovation posts, fashion outfit posts? Seriously... comment below!

4. I'm so excited for my upcoming travels for the year. Miami for the first time in March. Colin loves techno and house music so we're going the weekend Ultra is happening. Unfortunately we're not going to Ultra but we're going to go to some pool parties there where DJ's will be playing. Vegas in April for my BFF Lindsey's bachelorette, and Poland and Italy in June. We'll spend a night in Krakow, then be at my house in the south of Poland for 4 or so days, then go to Positano for a couple days! I wish I had more that 10 vacation days! I don't know how I survive!

5. I can't wait for summer where I can do outfit posts and not be freezing cold. I want to be more creative come summer outside! I also want to do more posts where it's not just outfits but more lifestyley things!

6. I'm been struggling with my Instagram! I'm the culprit of seeing other feeds and comparing myself. I struggle with the idea of having a theme but then I say f*ck it and I wanna post whatever I feel like in the moment!

7. I am mentally preparing myself for Colin's move to the suburbs (from downtown) come May. He'll be moving in with me and now we won't have an apartment downtown to go back to :( We'll both be commuting to work via the Metra and I joke and tell Colin he'll have to ride his bike to the train since he leaves at like 6 AM when I leave at 7. It shall be interesting! I might vlog the move and put it on my Youtube Channel, would you like that?

8. I've been really obsessed with Andes Mints and Froot Loops lately. I linked them to the Amazon page, I mean I love that you can buy food on there and have it shipped! But besides that, I have an obsession issue where I get really excited about something for a while (usually food related) and then I have it too much and I move on to the next thing, except I'm still and always will be addicted to cheeseburgers.

Let me know if you enjoyed this!

xoxo ela

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