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Why Anyone Who Follows Bloggers Should Have BlogLovin'

When I first started my blog, I researched a TON about what platforms I should be on and BlogLovin' was one of those that a lot of readers and followers love. If you don't know what it is, it's a website that you can follow your favorite blogs and when a new post from one of your bloggers is posted, it comes up in your feed. It's kind of similar to Facebook in that way but it only shows the bloggers that you follow! There's also an app to keep up with their posts.

It's nice for me to to be able to see all the posts I've ever posted in one place, other than my blog and I love using it to see the most recent posts that my favorite bloggers like BlankItinerary, SomethingNavy, and others are posting! It's such a process to go to their exact blog to see if they posted anything new and this is a way to keep up with it in real time.

My page looks like the below. And the next photo is how your feed would look and it would have all the posts in chronological order of the people you follow. It's awesome!



I know I share on FB when I posted something new but if you have other bloggers you love and this idea sounds right to you, then go ahead and sign up and don't forget to follow me too. :)

xoxo ela

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