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How to Unwind After a Stressful Day

Lately, days have been flying by and I can't ever finish what I thought I could. I've been lagging on having posts prepared for the blog which stresses me out so I thought I'd write about how I unwind after a stressful day and things I do to relax and just forget about it all!

1. Essential Oils

A couple Christmas's ago I asked for what I thought was a humidifier and it was actually a diffuser that diffuses essential oils. It was like a blessing in disguise. I read all about them and bought a couple that I thought would be good (lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus) and starting using them at night before bed (mainly lavender) and they're sooo relaxing! It's like you're getting a message without the massage (since they use them there haha) You can mix them together and there's so many articles out there like this one with all the benefits.

2. Bath

Such an easy mind relaxer. The water just makes your mind go slower and try to turn off. Use some bath bombs and some epson salt and relax away.

3. Take a walk

Taking in your surroundings are good to get yourself to get back to a grounded state and not so stressed out. It's get your mind of off things if you focus on things around you or people watch.

4. Read a book

I'm not one to do this often but I thought I'd put this in here. It is such a good distraction to get sucked into something else but I'm a sucker for TV (see number 5). If I do read its books like this and this one.

5. Watch TV

Honestly my go to because I forget about everything else I could be stressing about and I put all my energy into the show I'm watching. I'm addicted to reality show like Vanderpump Rules and all the Real Housewives franchises. I decided I needed to start a blog too because I watch too much TV!

6. Meditate

This is such a judged action but it's so powerful. I use apps like Headspace and Calm and I dare you to try it for a week and do it once a day. It's so calming if you think just about your breathe and forget about everything else. Seems so easy but it is quite difficult as your mind just tries to wander away every second!

7. Browse Pinterest

Also my go to. I love looking at organizational pins (I think they secretly make me feel calm because of how clean and put together things are) Here's my board of home organization.

8. Exercise

Such a good release! Exercising is totally a mindset you have to get into to love it. When I think about how I feel afterwards, then that gets me to the gym. If I think about having to change my clothes, take them off in a cold locker room, then no.... I don't want to go. THINK OF THE POSITIVE! Here's the post of how I lost 30 pounds a couple years ago and here's how I motivated myself.

xoxxo ela

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