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The Best Spring Transition Coat

Easter was so nice! We usually go to church at 5AM but this year we splurged a little and went at 7:30 AM. Then we eat the BEST breakfast with kielbasa, polish vegetable salad, and other favorites of mine and we lay down for a nap. It's my FAVORITE holiday.

I'm also doing a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram so check it out to sign up - (you have until April 9th). I'm giving away makeup remover pads by Face Halo. I'm so shocked as to how good they work. You only put water on it and it even takes off waterproof makeup!

On to the outfit... like last week, I was feeling very springy so I wanted to forego the coats for once! Casual outfit with some heels and wearing my favorite jeans of course. I shot this outfit in a different location than I usually do but let me know if you prefer the city background or this. Wearing my favorite new sunglasses from Amazon that are like a 10th of the price of the real Le Specs ones.

I also vlogged this past month (this day in particular) so if you haven't seen it- check it out here! I felt like I only posted videos when I was on a vacation or something interesting like a DIY project so iyout made me want to just film a normal Saturday at home! AND the Miami vlog is done!

Let me know if you like!

Photos are taken on a Canon Rebel T3 with a Canon lens 50MM F/1.8.

Speaking of...don’t forget to watch my insta stories for the behind the scenes of my everyday:)

xox ela

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