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Spring Must Haves for Under $100

These are all items I'm needing to pull the trigger on! I'm so ready for winter to be over and even though it's not warm in Chicago yet, at least purchasing Spring items will get me in the mood! Hope you enjoy!

I LOVE this new perfume and I love that the whole marketing behind it is a perfume perfect for a traveler. You can sell me anything related to traveling.

OK I hated the neon ones that people wore on the beach (mainly spring breakers) but now that new cute ones have come out, I really like it! Such an easy bag to just throw on and have your hands free.

These are so cute! I love the red stripe on the side and I'm so happy the super tight jeans are slowly going away. They remind of these black pants with the red stripe that I'm in love with.

I could see people at Coachella wearing these and just in an everyday classic outfit as well.

These would be so cute with ripped jeans and a tee!

This is such a cute new trend and I found cheaper ones on Amazon here and here! It's a cool take on a nice summer bag.

I love this new "tie front" trend too - its just an easy top to wear with high waisted jeans or shorts and it makes the look that much more elegant.

I need a new highliter and this one really caught my eye. Purchasing now!

One pieces are SO comfortable. I'm so happy they're in and thank God because I'm going to Vegas in 2 weeks and will be eating and drinking a ton. :) My other favorites are from Amazon.. keep reading to see how you can check those out.

Such a cute classic romper- would be so cute with a hat like this too!

I also have an Amazon Page that lists all my favorites on there- clothing, bathing suits, beauty products and more.

xoxo ela

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