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10 Things I Want to Do Before 30

I've been thinking about doing some sort of bucket list on things to do before 30 so I just thought I might as well just share it with all of you reading too! Maybe it'll help me make these things really happen and I'll feel accountable.. :)

1. Go to 25 countries... I'm currently at 18! I was shocked when I added it all up! Most countries added up during my study abroad stint in Florence, Italy in 2012 but I want to get to more in the next few years! Last year we went to Italy in January for $500, Punta Cana in June, and Spain in October! Some people feel overwhelmed going abroad but here's my packing tips for a long flight.

2. Build a house... or renovate a fixer upper. These are my DREAM homes. I love remodeling just like how I redid my kitchen on a cheap budget! It's such a fun process to me to work on remodeling projects and it's such a stress reliever for me. I didn't realize how much I liked it until I was in between jobs and that's what I focused on during that time. I painted my kitchen countertops, my kitchen cabinets, redid my living room, and redid our bathroom. Such cheap reno's that made such a difference!

3. Do a big collaboration with a brand. :-0 - ideally one where I could travel somewhere!

4. Form more of a capsule wardrobe for myself and not buy as many trendy pieces. The French are so good at this and I just love how they dress and they have so many classic pieces that they re-wear over and over. This is currently my summer Pinterest board.

5. Drive in Europe. I hope to cross this off this June when we go to Poland and Italy! I just found out we'll have a christening in Poland while we're there because I was asked to be a Godmother for my cousins baby- I'm so excited! I might have to wear the traditional Polish costume... so stay tuned for that! haha

6. Go to Coachella ideally if Beyonce performs again :)

7. Go to Alinea in Chicago. It's a Michellan starred restaurant (is that how you say it?) It's pretty expensive so it'd probably be my only 'going out meal' for the month! haha I watched an episode on Netflix on Chef's Table about the chef and restaurant and I've been dying ever since that day. My other favorite restaurants in Chicago are listed here.

8. Go to Iceland- I've always wanted to go to the blue lagoon hot springs!

9. Drive a race car. I've ALWAYS wanted to do this. I am a speeder by nature and honestly I've always said if I could be anything it'd be a race car driver.

10. Go on a hot air balloon ride. HEY COLIN!!!!!! ;)

xooxo ela

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