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3 Amazing Hair Products You Need

I never really cared about my hair until I started using products that I saw a visible difference with the feel of it and health of my hair after using. (did that make sense? see... you CAN be a blogger if you are a bad writer.) BUT I wanted to share some of my favorite hair products that make your hair soft, healthy, clean, and shiny! I've been especially looking after my hair lately too just because I've been trying to grow it out so I don't have to dye it anymore.

I love deep conditioning my hair. It feels SO soft afterwards and I feel like I gave my hair like 20 gallons of water (figuratively) If that's how you say it. The one I linked is so great and I also pick up some small sizes at the cash register at Sally's whenever I'm getting my hair toning supplies. They're a couple dollars and keeps me stocked! It's so dangerous when companies put that little stuff at the end of your shopping trip because it makes you want to get it all.

OMG is all I have to say. I have tried so many dry shampoos and never found one that smelled fresh and that didn't make my hair so gummy and gross. This is the lightest and nicest smelling one I have ever tried. My friend Amber actually introduced me to it and I can't ever turn back! It doesn't make your hair feel like there's anything in it and the smell is soooo light and fresh.

This stuff is the best! It is a bit pricy but it is actually made by a influencer, Negin Mirsalehi. Her dad has a bee farm and it's a bee infused hair oil. You can use it daily as a pre-styler and finisher, add a few drops to your hair mask, or leave in as an overnight treatment.

Hope you enjoyed!

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