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What to Buy During Amazon Prime Day- Which is Today!

Amazon's Prime Day is set to begin at 2pm (Central) TODAY, on July 16 and last for 36 hours! That’s a day and a half of Prime Day deals – making this the longest Prime “Day” in the 4 year history of Prime Day.

Here is how to make the most of it.

In 2015, Amazon decided to celebrate its 20th birthday with a huge day of sales called Prime Day. Amazon promised its Prime customers would see even more deals on Prime Day than on Black Friday. The sale ended up living up to the hype as Amazon reported selling 398 items per second (source) that day. Since then, Amazon has brought Prime Day back each year…and again, each year’s Prime Day was an even bigger success than the previous one.

Prime Day is a day that Amazon has strategically created for multiple reasons. One reason is to get more people to sign up for a Prime membership. I love being a Prime member and all of the benefits it provides. If you’re not a Prime member yet, you really need to consider joining.

Another reason Amazon has created Prime Day is to bring in millions of new and return customers to Amazon. They know that if they provide the big deals, the customers will come. This huge increase in customers coming to shop on Amazon creates an incredible way for you to get a big bump in sales. The customers will come for the big Amazon deals and will stay to shop for other items they want to buy. You can "watch deals" to make sure you buy right when it becomes available.

Here are a few items that are on sale- and if you go to the Amazon page, you can see ALL that will be on sale today- there's so much!



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