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8 Things

First and foremost I've applied for a blogger retreat in NYC through Fohr Card and would LOVE if you wrote here why you follow me and why you like my blog! It'd mean the world to me to be able to go!

On to this blog post... I'm doing another 8 things! I just read my last post I did like this and I can't believe how much has changed since then!

1. I just recently got my eyebrows tattooed. I had done microblading last September and it was time for a touch up. We decided to do 'powder brows' instead which is just a different technique and I'm in love! I'll write a separate post on this, don't worry. Right now I'm in the scabbing phase which is the sexiest phase ever... not. But it'll get better!

2. I'm trying to make my own wedding invites, bridal shower invites, and bachelorette party invites and I have been having so much trouble finding a printing company that prints thick cardstrock paper! No wonder invites are so expensive... haha it's hard to DIY them!

3. I could've gone to a fun event last week with Elle and Escada but I declined because I always eat all the food at events (literally stand by the kitchen door as the appetizers come out) and drink and since I'm doing Whole 30, I opted out- it's so hard to say no to things like that but I got to stay strong! Its day 25!

4. We went apple picking this Saturday and it's my favorite new fall tradition! It's so fast to fill up your bags because the apples are huge and my fiance Colin and I decided Idared are our favorite apples. We went to Twin Maple Orchards in Michigan- only about 1.5 hours from Chicago!

Outfit linked here.

5. I recently got sent this Beauty Box from Macys and I have been using almost all of the products that were in it, every day. I've never seen a beauty box where you don't give away most of the products so I was so excited! I didn't know they had one of these and now I want one every month. The Urban Decay Setting Spray came in mine (which that stuff is amazing and I haven't seen a beauty blogger ever talk badly about it) along with It Cosmetics Eye Cream, Origins Charcoal Honey Mask, Lancome Lip Color, Juicy Couture fragrance, and a Hyaluronic Hydrating Sheet Mask! A cute makeup bag also comes in the box and you get $5 off your next makeup purchase (so you can actually purchase a big version of anything in the box if you love it!) LOVE this!! Totally recommend this version of the Ipsy type of companies and its only $15 a month and they send you new products every month. It helps you find new products by trying it out- such a smart idea.

6. The other weekend we went to see a backyard wedding just to view the tent since we might go with the same company and it made us go bigger a size because it was so beautiful! haha I'm getting so excited .. 10 months until the Chicago wedding!

7. I scheduled another cake tasting in October at another bakery that my cousin used for her wedding and had to schedule it so far out because of Whole 30... I NEED to taste this cake. On October 1 I am DONE with Whole 30, but honestly I will probably keep doing it 90% of the time.

8. I'll be getting microneedling and an IPL photofacial done soon and not going to lie I'm a little nervous but I'm excited to try it! Microneedling is a small needle that pricks the skin that in turn generates new collagen. It also treats wrinkles, scars, and large pores. And the photofacial is a light treatment that rejuvenates aging and sun damaged skin. It reduces redness, unwanted blood vessels, brown spots, fine lines, uneven tone, and pore size of the face, neck, chest, and hands. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of both but I wont be able to wear makeup for a couple days after. Has anyone had either of these done? I'll update you guys on it!

Let me know if you like these type of blog posts!

xoxo ela

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