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Leather and Jean

I'm finally done with Whole 30!! My 30th day was on Sunday and I chowed down more chicken and potatoes because I totally wasn't ready yet to put my body through processed food. JK I wish that was the case. I WAS doing well that day until my dad brought home Mcdonalds and "accidentally" brought home a 2nd big mac and fries... I had a bit of it, not ALL and I regretted every minute of it. Showed me how much I was so happy during whole 30 because I NEVER felt bad for eating anything. I'm going to write a whole post on my experience so stay tuned.

This leather jacket I'm wearing is one that I splurged (and I mean really splurged) back in 2013 when my friend got my 50% at All Saints. But it is the warmest and only leather jacket I wear every fall/winter. If you don't want to splurge, I think this jacket is VERY similar. The skirt is another petite item I got at Express and so cute. If you're not petite you just size up! (an 8P is a 6R) The purse (similar here) is one that I've worn every day since like 2012.. not kidding. When I worked at Bloomingdales I got it for such a steal that I had to buy it. It originally cost around $800-900 and I paid $200 for it. I can't find the original Alexander Mcqueen that I have but I found a similar one also on sale here. I haven't splurged on clothes or materialistic things in SO long as we're saving to buy a house that I miss buying nice, quality things haha. Oh well- can't have it all!

Also I'm still searching for another wedding dress that I can change into in Punta Cana after the ceremony! (only because I have to wear it again in a month for the Chicago wedding so I definitely don't want to dirty is up!) I found out that Macy's has an amazing sale in a couple weeks so I'm thinking about going! For others that are looking for wedding dresses, here's the info!

What: Bridal Sample Sale Extravaganza (dresses for $500 or less!! They will be sample gowns which is why they'll be 60-80% off! Sample gowns just mean that they don't order you a new version of the dress, you'll instead get to take it home that day.)

Where: Macy's State Street – 111 N. State St, Chicago, IL 60602 – 7th Floor, Narcissus Room

When: October 13 (10am to 6pm) and 14th (11am to 5pm)

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Speaking of...don’t forget to watch my insta stories for the behind the scenes of my everyday and I also buy a lot of pieces off Amazon for cheaper- here's my favorites from there

xoox ela

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