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The Newest Member of Our Family (Q&A)

YOU GUYS!! We got a puppy! If you follow me on instagram you know all about Misia but I had to do a dedicated post just for her here! And I also made her an instagram which I know I know, I never thought I'd be that girl but I had so many pictures that I wanted to share and not inundate my own insta followers haha. Below are some answers to some of the questions I've been getting- we are so in love! And if you care... I filmed us picking her up and taking her home- video here.

(PS- These photos were shot in the room I just remodeled.)

Why did you name her Misia/ what does the name mean?

Misia means teddy bear in Polish so we HAD to name her this . It's also an endearing name that couples call eachother (in the Polish language) so it's just a cutesy little name!

Is she you and Colin's dog?

She is a family dog that I wanted for my parents so when Col and I move out, they can have some company. After losing our 8 year old Miniature Pinscher in August to ovarian cancer, I wanted them to have someone keep them company. Now with the rate of how much we all love her, we don't know who will steal her in the end but she's all of our favorites.

What type of dog is she?

She is a toy poodle. Her dad and mom are only 5 pounds. She was the runt so she is extra tiny. At 10 weeks she weighs 2.2 lbs.

How big will she get?

Well since her parents are 5 pounds grown, we don't think she'll be 5 lb or more. She has grown an inch around her belly from 9-10 weeks so we know she's enjoying her food! :) I'm so mad I didn't measure her at 8 weeks but at least I know she's growing! At 10 weeks, she's about 14 inches long from her tail to her nose.

Where did you get her?

We looked all over different shelters for small dogs (per my parents needs) but could not find anything. Any time we saw a cutie online, it would never be at the shelter, obviously. So I started looking online for small breed dogs and it happened to be that a family 30 minutes away from us, had puppies. (found her on We went to see her, we gave a deposit down and then 3 weeks later (when she reached 8 weeks) we were able to bring her home. We saw a similar toy poodle at Petland and they were charging $5000 which is insane- don't do it!!

What food is she eating or toys is she loving?

I got her a full puppy care kit minus a crate and food and water bowl since we already had that. She's been loving the Wellness Puppy Bites and we use them for training treats to potty or go outside or sit and give paw. The breeder originally had her eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness and she really enjoyed that so now we mix that with Iams and we'll see which one she likes more. She loves the kong, teething rings, bacon teething rings, and this teddy bear to play with.

Is she biting?

I recently caved into getting the bitter apple spray which deters them from biting anything you spray. She's actually stopped going by the Christmas tree skirt because of this. It's amazing. I spray my feet too and it helps a ton for her not to bite.

How's crate training?

The bed I brought her home in is the only reason she loves her crate. Lola hated going in her crate so it's so nice that Misia loves going in there at night and even during the day to take a nap. It has a little blanket attached so its super plush and comfortable for her. We only put her in the crate at night but at least she is learning to go potty outside. She also loves this cave type bed. If she pees of the carpet on accident, I've been using this cleaner and it takes the stain right out.

Is she potty trained already?

She's learned to pee outside now so we rarely use these puppy pads anymore but they're good to have especially if there's a snow storm or something. She actually exited her crate and I said "you wanna go outside?" and she looked up at our back door for the first time yesterday, telling us she needed to go pee! I was so proud!

Does she need a lot of maintenance?

Things I didn't realize since Lola was pretty low maintenance is we have to clean Misia's ears so I got these wipes, and then I trim her a lot. I always find some hair lingering somewhere or in the way of her eyes so I like to trim it. She always gets tear stains around her eyes too so I wash them with this and also brush her daily. She is more maintenance but she is too cute to not want to take care of.



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