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My Comfiest Clothing Items (+ video)

My comfy clothing go to shop has been (for the past year) Peach! They are known for clothing that can be worn at the gym or at work and they have some of my favorite comfiest pieces! I'm literally always wearing something Peach after 6PM, lounging on the couch, or editing a vlog, it's my favorite to just lay around in but then I also love running errands in them. I'm addicted. I went in detail about each piece I wear here in my youtube video.


(I have a M)

(I have a M) and there's some in coral left!

(I have A M)

(I have a S) Peach's just sold out so I linked a similar one

(I have XL- I like them loose)

(I have a S)


(I have a L)

Hope you liked!

xoxo ela

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