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The Best Things I Ever Bought on Amazon

Amazon is my vice. I use it wayyyy too much and love the 2 day shipping A LOT. I get beauty items, clothes, tech, home, kitchen, etc there and re-order constantly! I've shared these a lot on my Instagram but wanted them to all be in one place here too! Hope this helps! PS (I know some people are sometimes scared of getting beauty items on Amazon but the ones I linked here are authentic.)

You can also see more items that I buy on Amazon by clicking here. It has the items seperated into 4 different categories, home, beauty, puppy, and fashion.

The ONLY product EVER that's fixed my dry scalp.

I hate peeling potatoes so this is amazing for me.

I think everyone needs one of these.

I cook my sweet potato fries in here all the time. I put it on 390 for 8 minutes, move them around, then 4 more minutes. The only thing is you can only lay one layer for them to cook all around.

It's great for portraits and to make the background blurry- amazing for my fashion blog photos. It's a 50mm f/1.8.

Doc Marten knock offs! So cute.

Awesome to dress up a winter outfit.

The comfiest thing to lay around in and watch movies.

Sooo comfy - like robe material and surprisingly so warm!


My Rayban knocks off for $10 that I got.

She goes crazy for these.

It's so fun to peel off!

The best pimple drying product.

The best tanning lotion that looks SO natural.

Mitt is NEEDED.

So nice to stack with cute items and display sunglasses or hats. You can even have it in your living room and stack boots and cute knick knacks.

Hope you liked!

xoxo ela

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