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Weekend in San Diego

My friend just moved to San Diego last summer and I found a great flight so I went out there last weekend to visit her and be a tourist! We had so much quality time together and went all over San Diego!


I arrived, we walked around Coronado (found out one of my fav bloggers lives there (@blankitinerary) and then got In & Out. If you ever go, you HAVE to get animal style fries and burger. It's so good. It's just a special sauce that's so addicting. Then we went home, changed, and hit up La Jolla to see the seals. After that, we went to this lookout point called Sunset Seak in Del Mar that overlooked the water and just a nice little walk to take at sunset. My video has the prettiest footage from there! We then called it a night at 6 PM haha and put face masks on and watched the bachelor. Jack (my friends fiance) also picked up Italian food from Davanti which I found out we have one in Chicago and I was obsessed with the truffle rissotto. I can't wait to go here soon.


We went to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad on the opening day! Only a couple sections were in bloom but they were BIG sections so still so worth it to go. They are open March 1- to sometime in May. I've seen so many of my fav bloggers (@amberfillerup @huntforstyles) hit them up recently which is so fun to see their photos there! We then got mexican food at Caliente and I got a California burrito with french fries! So good. We relaxed for a bit, then went to the dog beach in Del Mar and I've never seen such a prettier sight. We got home and put those face masks on again and called it a night.


It rained almost all day this day. We did a bunch of errands and worked on my wedding table numbers with my friends Cricut machine- that things amazing and now I want one! I'm going to do a separate video sharing how we did that! It's crazy how easy it was. We hit up dinner at Sushi Kuchi because the place we made reservations for wasn't open anymore bc of the weather. The sushi place was so lit hahah it was like 22 year olds taking 20 sake shots a minute (by the way sake bombs were $1) so that's probably why. But the sushi was GOOD.

Had such a blast and can't wait to go back!






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xoox ela

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