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Miami Bachelorette Party

Another weekend, another bachelorette! :)

My friend Amber decided to have her Bachelorette party in MIAMI! Here's the link for the apartment, it was so cute, right on Collins Ave next to all the restaurants, hotels, pools in Miami. If you've never used Airbnb this link will give you $40 off a home rental. I also went last year during this time and all we did is in this blog post. Below is what we did each day!


Arrived at noon and went straight to Hyde Beach! It's a pool at SLS hotel and there was an app my friend used to get us on the list (app is Discotech Nightlife). It's way easier than trying to show up and get in. If you have a ton of girls, it's totally easy and mostly free to get in anywhere (except E11even which I'll explain later) We stayed there for a couple hours but beware, drinks were $20 haha. After the pool we walked back to our apartment and got some lunch, relaxed, and then got ready for dinner! We went across the street for dinner at Naked Taco which was cute and good mexican food. After that we headed to E11even which was a club that was on like every Jersey Shore episode recently and they said it was a strip club on the show I think but I DID NOT think it was actually going to be like that! I was wrong. It is a total strip club and I had no idea. oops. They also charged cover even for girls here- it was $20.

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We had a boat reservation from 10-2pm and booked him on boatsetter. He was so nice and took so many pics of us and sent to us later haha. We went to this sand bar area with little restaurants on boats with people on canoes dropping the food off to you- it was so cute. We were all pretty hungover this day so maybe I'd recommend going on your first day. He dropped us off at this cute restaurant on the water but we all had dinner that night so we headed home and got lunch near the apartment. We all split up this day, some went to a restaurant on Ocean Drive, some went to sushi (me) and some napped. I love the street there called Espanola Way which was next to the sushi place (Moshi, Moshi) that we went to. Then some of us walked the beach, headed back, got ready and we all went to Prime 112 which was amazzzzing food. Honestly one of the best restaurants I've ever been at (and understandably so because celebs frequent it.) The fondue appetizer was amazing- it was truffle cheese and if you know me you know I love truffle. Then we had the lobster cobb salad which was too die for too. We also got kicked out of our table by Shaq but you can watch my vlog for the dirt on that haha. We decided to stay in this night and watch the groom answer questions on video which we planned prior to being there. It's my fav game!





Sunday we left so early :(

Miami Restaurants:

Naked Taco

Prime 112

Moshi Moshi

Pinnochio Cafe Tapas Y Tintos on Espanola Way La Taquiza

Miami Clubs:




Had such a blast and can't wait to go back!


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xoox ela

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