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Why My Pup is Calm at the Groomer

Hi guys!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my 7.5 month old puppy Misia went through a horrible grooming experience back in January. I was so hesitant to take her anywhere else to try to find the best groomer that I literally wanted to trim her hair myself. My fiance looked into clippers that I could use that were 'silent' (so they said) but she went through a fear stage of nail clippers when she used to not mind me clipping her nails so I thought it might be easiest for me NOT to try to groom her myself.

I made an appointment at Petco grooming and soon after, I came across these calming chew supplements from Pet Naturals of Vermont. I decided to try them out! Because she's only 6 pounds we split up the chew to not give her too much (although you can give as much as you want to your dog.) We gave them to her 30 minutes before the grooming session (you can see in this video how much she loved it) and were told that if she's not cooperating with the clippers, then they'll call us to pick her up. We did not get a call and we were so excited!! They told us she did so well and didn't mind them touching her! I was so proud. I will definitely give her the calming chews again and you can even give them to your dog during other times of stress like thunderstorms, vet visits, when you leave for work.. etc.

Couple other facts:

It's said to last for up to 4 hours.

Free of corn, artificial ingredients and wheat that may cause digestive upset.

Includes L-Theanine, Calming Colostrum and Thiamine to support a calm state without the use of sedatives.

A delicious chicken flavored chew dogs love.

Can be used daily or as needed. It is safe to double or triple the dose in times of increased stress.

If you want to try them out you can purchase the Calming chews at Walmart here or even in store:

Hope this helped!!

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Thank you to Pet Naturals of Vermont for sponsoring this blog post.

xoox ela

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