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New York Minute

hi guys!!

It has been totally wedding season for us! We have another one coming up this weekend in Chicago and I love it. We went to NY a couple weeks ago for Colin's friends wedding. We worked out of the NY office on Thursday, Thursday PM was the rehearsal and then Friday was the wedding at Nanina's in the Park! It was such a beautiful venue and OMG was there so much food- creme brulee station, donut station, shrimp station, cheese board station, pasta station.. and that was just the cocktail hour and dessert hour.

Saturday we went to Piggyback Bar in Jersey City which was so yummy. Their special mayo was to die for and their wings!! We then hopped around to Hyatt House which is this rooftop that overlooks NYC and it was so beautiful and the weather was great. It was such a great time.


At the Aviary for lunch break!

Hyatt House



Oh yeah and I had a little toe accident at the wedding.... watch the video to find out what happened haha.

Had such a blast and can't wait to go back!


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xoox ela

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