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My 5 Dating Tips


I've gotten questions of how I met my now fiance and if I have any dating tips so now is time to write this blog post!

The prelude to this post: I told myself I'd never find someone at a bar, and then I met Colin.... at a bar.


That brings me to my 5 tips!!

1. It's never going to happen how you think it's going to happen.

Like I said, I thought I made the decision that I would never meet someone at a bar and look... I did. You can't walk into a party and say... "my husband is going to be here" - it'll just happen however the higher power wants it to happen! Everything happens for a reason so if you're single until 30, then there is a REALLY good guy coming. That's how I feel about that. I didn't date anyone seriously until Colin at 23 and now we're getting married. Everyone else was in a relationship in college except me and all I had to do was just know that good things come to those who wait.

2. You do you.

Don't try to change things about you just to get someone to like you! Be who you are and someone will love it.

3. Don't settle, but stop seeking perfection.

UGH I was sooo picky... and then the guy I got didn't even fit all my criteria but I fell in love anyway! So cut down those lists ladies! They're not going to have everything you want. As long as they have the things that mean a lot to you like being funny, smart, kind, then go for it!!

4. Have fun.

I know if you're stressed about finding someone, it's hard to tell you to just have fun. But look at it as a way for a free drink or dinner and meeting someone new! haha. Don't be stressed that it won't be the right guy or that he's too good for you. Get that confidence and show him how cool YOU are!

5. Go on those apps!

I know some people are so turned off by dating apps (and I was too, I mean I was on them but I never met up with anyone) but now that my anxiety is less and if anything happened then I would totally do it! There's also this new one called CiND (pronounced cindy) and it stands for 'chivalry is not dead' It's interesting too because the man has to send a virtual gift to you to even talk to you! So if he spent $3 on a rose, you get to put that $3 towards a charity of your choice. It's definitely a great spin on a dating app. Because the man has to spend money, it really only attracts serious guys and serious contenders for you. You can even upload a 15 second video so you can really see the guy in a different way.

If you want to learn more about CiND, visit their website

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Thanks to CiND for sponsoring this blog post.

xoox ela

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