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6 Restaurants I Want To Go To Before Summer Ends

A little break from the wedding content :) I literally just thought about how my husband and I have only like 1.1 summers left before it'll be so hard to be going out to dinner when we have a pup at home with no one else to take her out. Living with my parents now makes it so easy for someone to be home to take the pup out but when its just us two it'll be hard to go out after work! Soooo now I am making an effort to go out after work to some restaurants and these are the ones I want to go to!!

I've heard of this place for a while but still haven't gone. It's an Italian restaurant that uses simple ingredients and some of their popular dishes are Arrabbiata, Ragu Alla Napoletana. It's in West Loop and its a modern take on Italian.

Pacific Standard Time

I love that this is a summer California vibe!! Honestly the aesthetic makes me want to go there and I wouldn't mind if the food wasn't amazing. This restaurant is in River North and the popular dishes are the steak and pita with tuna.


I love a good view and this is it. It's a Peruvian inspired rooftop restaurant on top of the Hoxton hotel in Fulton Market. My work is moving to the West Loop in January so I cannot wait to frequent all of these places! The popular dishes here are the duck, goat empanadas, and chicken thigh.


Another West Loop restaurant- are you catching a theme that all the best Chicago restaurants open in the WL? It's tapas style which means plates are meant to be shared and I love that because you get to try a little bit of everything! Popular dishes are elotes and coal roasted oysters.


I mean I've ALWAYS wanted to go here but it is pricy! It's definitely an experience more so but you have to watch The Chef on Netflix which is all about this restaurant!

Davanti Enoteca

I found out about this restaurant first in San Diego when my friend ordered take out from here. It felt like such a bougie takeout though- truffle mushroom rissotto among other items! I went again in Chicago's little italy for my bday lunch and it was even better!! We tried the Focaccia di Recco (omg its like a cheesy bread served with honey- it was amazing), the burger, mushroom pizza, meatballs. Ugh it was all so good! I need to go back asap.

Hope this helps you if you're visiting Chicago!

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