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All About Our Heated Floors

I didn't make this decision too early on, it was actually after we had already installed our wood floor that I realized, wow it'd be nice to have a heated floor in the laundry room next to the garage and also the powder bath on the first floor!

I found WarmlyYours which is based in Lake Zurich in Illinois and knew that this was the place to go with. I took measurements of my floors and where the big appliances like the laundry machines, toilet, sinks would be (and I mean it was like chicken scratch on a piece of paper - well actually I used instagram stories to write out the measurements on my picture of the floor and then I saved it, and no I didn't post that lol) and they totally helped me figure out the measurements and make sure I didn't put any heating elements under any appliances.

They shipped it out to me SO fast! I found an installer in my area (Chicago suburbs) through (his name is Dan Baltatu (630-915-2950) - I was going to do it myself actually but I had vents on my floor and I wasn't quite sure how to cover those so the concrete didn't pour in there but now I know how! He used a wood barrier and voila! He was great and did such a good job.

The details of how to install it:

1. First, you'll need an electrician to install the thermostat and have it run on its switch in your main electrical panel. (which Dan did too)

2. Prime the floor and make sure your sub floor is nailed down well.

3. Cover up the floor vents with a wood barrier.

4. Lay out the heating elements and staple them down (make sure your sensor is laid in between the heating cables)

5. Mix your self leveling cement and pour it down on top of the heating elements.

7. Wait for that to dry and then you can start installing your tile!

Their website has way more detailed instructions but it wasn't too overwhelming at all! I'm so happy with them and I can't wait to just lay on the floor once the tiles are on haha.


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I'll share a blog post on our laundry room and bath reveal once they're completely done!

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Thanks to Warmly Yours for gifting the material.

xoxo ela

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