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Home Reno Progress + Plans


I can't believe the house is all ripped up! (I also can't wait to look back on this post and see what (if anything) changes on our picks or styles of what we want since not everything is purchased yet) The demo happened so fast but I also felt like we were waiting forever for it to happen haha. They've now completed the demo and we're just waiting on the rest of the floors to get delivered and then acclimate to the temperature. That's one thing I didn't know was that you have to let the wood sit in your house 1-2 weeks to acclimate before installing. I'm hoping we can have all the floors installed and stained by February 17th the latest.

PS (I will share ALL vendors (contractors too) as soon as I vet them out for you to make sure they're great to work with and product is good.) I had SO many people come to give us quotes so I really do think I found some amazing prices.

Our painter has also started a bit (I showed some sneak peeks on my insta stories and vlog) He's taken all the doors to paint at his warehouse and then he's been at our house daily just prepping for window painting, ceilings and walls.

The next step will be the electrician coming and adding recessed lighting in a couple rooms and moving the recessed lighting in the kitchen. While that's happening the baseboards and door casings will be installed.

I still have to order a couple doors, baseboards (we're going to do 7 1/4) , casings, tile, among other things like faucet for the powder bath, sink, wallpaper etc. So much! I need the exact measurements for the baseboards etc so once I get that I'll order! We already have them picked out. Below is a quick iphone pic of them. I have already ordered a few things, furniture too and I've included those all below too.


The floor we chose is below. There were three options that my floor guy showed us based on photos we showed him but we went with (the one on the right) not the lightest and not the darkest. We're doing 5 inch white oak flooring that will be sanded and stained. Once I have more info on the stain color, I'll share it here.

Below was our original inspo and I feel like we're pretty close, maybe a little darker, but (some pieces will be lighter and some will be darker because that's just the nature of staining wood.) I was just afraid to go super light because IDK if that will be outdated soon. I see more people going in the middle route. (not too dark, not too light)


We did solidify our tiles for the laundry and powder bath from The Tile Shop (we're doing 2nd floor bathrooms in phase 2) We're doing this fan style for the laundry floor in grey, and the same for the powder bath but in white. I also want to do white grout for both and even though the laundry is a high traffic area, I'm just hoping the sealer is enough to keep the grout white and clean. The laundry backsplash will be this chevron carrara and I'm thinking to just do wallpaper in the bathroom. The kitchen backslpash will be Cloe in White by Bedrosians. They also sell it on Wayfair!


Last minute I decided to do heated floors for our laundry room and powder bath. We're going with the company WarmlyYours and I'm so excited, also they're from Lake Zurich in Illinois! They have an awesome touchscreen thermometer where you can change the temperature of it and I love being warm so you can only imagine how excited I am. I can just picture coming in from the pool into the AC but then onto warm tile (heart eyes)


We are doing inset shaker style cabinets in Dove White by Benjamin Moore color. (although the bottom drawers will not be shaker, they'll just be slab fronts.) I found this Polish guy, from IDK where (I truly can't remember) and he's amazing. The cabinets they he makes look so great and the paint comes out awesome on them so I'm so excited. We go in a couple weeks to his office to give our deposit and finalize the design. For the laundry cabinets we're probably going with a local shop that isn't custom for those. (I will share ALL vendors (contractors too) as soon as I vet them out for you to make sure they're great to work with and product is good.) Below is the rendering of the laundry cabinets, they'll be white, to the ceiling, and shaker style.



You can follow all our home reno youtube videos here!

All my home reno blog parts are also here

All the items I've already purchased below.

(the light switches are currently in my cart)

(If you're on a mobile then scroll up on the items and you'll see all of them)

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xoxo ela

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