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I Wanted Natural Looking Plumped Lips. My Lip Filler Experience.

HI! :)

I was hesitant in sharing my experience on this but I did so many research beforehand that helped me so I figured my blog is about helping too so here you go!

Initially I was going to Images Med Spa in the chicagoland area for a facial, and that turned into a facial and lip injections lol. To be honest, I reached out to do a collab with them and at first was just going to do a facial but they were down to do lip filler too and since I've always wanted to do it I decided to try it! I'm sure I'd eventually do lip filler to test it out one day but it happened earlier than I had planned haha. And now I feel like I'll get them once a year bc i love them but let me get to the experience :)

So I got the facial first, it was a combo of a hydrafacial and using this ultrasonic tool- that was cool. Then it was on to the lips. I got numbed and holy crap I could still feel the pokes unfortunately. Some technicians (not at images) don't even like to numb their patients- crazy! I watched a couple lip filler youtube videos the day after and some places have total numbing cremes and shots and they can't feel anything so I am JEALOUS. I couldn't imagine how much more it would have hurt having none though. Something is better than nothing right?! But I got 12 pokes- 6 on top, 4 on bottom, and two more in the cupids bow. We used Juvederm Ultra Plus and only half a syringe. You buy the whole syringe and then you go back to use the rest at a later time! You can do 2 weeks after if you wanted more or a year later!

To prevent bruising

I was told to stay away from Alcohol, Advil (any similar blood thinners) and Fish Oils (so omega 3 vitamins)- I also purchased Arnicare which i put on a few days before and during the healing process like chap stick and I did not bruise!! woo! They did recommend pineapple too beforehand to prevent bruising but I didn't try that. I was just so happy I didn't bruise.


Thursday 7:00 PM



Thursday 8 PM

Swelling is beginning- it was a bit sore and before bed I should have taken a few advil. During the night I kept waking up (probably to make sure i didnt sleep face down on them haha but they did feel sore.

Friday 2 PM (day 1)

Woke up so happy that I had no bruising!! The real swelling was now showing though. I took 3 advils this morning to relieve the soreness. It hurt to drink from a straw or make a kissy face haha. I was honestly so nervous now though that the filler was mirgrating above my top lip but I googled some other swelling examples and same happened to other people. I was scared it was turning into a duck lip from the side! I mean look at these pics but it was all because of the swelling.

Friday 6:30 PM

Not the best quality pics but I feel like by now the swelling went down a bit. The migrating swelling portion also was pretty much gone. I was told that 3-4 days after most swelling goes down and 2 weeks after is when I see the final real result.

Saturday (day 2)

I think my lips are just dry at this point but same soreness with doing the kissy lips.

Sunday (day 3)

Same-my lips are just dry but less soreness with doing the kissy lips.

Monday (day 4)

Dryness goes away

Day 8

I can finally make the kissy face and its not sore- also can connect my lips as if I'm connecting my lip stick (if that's how you say that haha)

Day 9

feels all good as if i did nothing :) finally put some lip product on too

You can use ELABOBAK50 for $50 off your first visit at Images Med Spa. They have locations in Lincoln Park, Hinsdale, Mokena, Wilmette, and Wheaton.

Hope you learned something from this!


Thanks to Images for collabing with me!

Most of my photos have been edited with my presets (not these though)

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xoxo ela

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