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Our Home Reno Timeline


I thought I would write up this timeline and post it to give people an idea of how long it actually took us to reno our house. And also because I was taking notes on my phone to give myself an idea of when we'd be actually done! :)

You can follow all our home reno youtube videos here!

All my home reno blog posts are also here


December 6th: Closed on our house

All of December and beginning of January: Had contractors come by to give us quotes


January 8th: Picked our floor guy (wood was ordered: 5 inch white oak)

January 13th: Demo started

January 18th: We saw samples of colors on the wood that was delivered.

January 27th: Floors were started

February 1st: Floor install was done

February 7th: Sanding completed

February 8th: We chose our final stain color (after seeing his samples)

February 13th: Floor staining was completed

Week of February 17th: Floors were covered and most doors installed after being painted.


February 15th: Contractors stopped by to give me measurements for ordering material for woodwork (baseboards, door casings, paneling)

February 17th: I placed orders for baseboards, door casings, wood paneling, crown molding and a few closet doors

February 24: Delivery of all wood

Week of March 2nd: Baseboards and door casings starting to get installed on 2nd floor

Week of March 9th: Baseboards and casings installed on 1st floor


February 22nd- Ordered tile for laundry and bathroom floors

February 25th- Tile delivered

March 7th- Heated floors installed in laundry and bathroom

March 12th-13th- Tile in laundry and powder bath installed

April 30th- Backsplash for kitchen installed

Week of May 4th- Backsplash for laundry installed


Week of March 2nd: Electrical done for adding recessed lighting in 6 rooms


January 28th: Doors taken to painters shop to paint

Week of March 9th- 2nd floor window trim and ceilings painted.

Week of March 16th- We had to fire our painter...

Week of March 23rd- New painters started covering all floors correctly and patching walls. Windows also primed on first floor along with front and back door.

Week of March 30th- 2nd floor painted

Week of April 6th- First floor painted and brick fireplace

Week of April 12th- Wallpaper in powder bath installed


March 9th- Ordered laundry cabinets

Week of April 6th- Laundry cabinets were installed

April 17th- Kitchen cabinets were installed

Week of April 20th- Laundry sink and kitchen sink installed

April 29th- Countertops were installed

Week of May 4th - Appliances installed

May 11th- Hood and floating shelves installed


March 1- Ordered most lights and chandeliers

March 8- Ordered all new outlets and light switches

March 15- Ordered all recessed lights

Week of March 30th- All outlets and light switches put on on second floor

Week of April 6th- All door handles put on

Week of April 12th - Lights/chandeliers were installed

Week of April 27th- Powder bath toilet, vanity, sink installed

May 11th- Cabinet handles installed


We finally got the paper off the floor May 7th and cleaned the house but everything was actually completed (like the kitchen hood and oven installed) on May 11th. A long almost 5 total months.

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xoxo ela

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