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Our Motorized Blinds

Hi guys!

I wanted to share a dedicated post all about the blinds! I knew when I bought a house that I wouldn't want to be walking through to 20 windows closing them each night and opening every morning so for a while I know I wanted motorized blinds. The fact that I got to do all 20 of my windows and doors is beyond! It is probably my favorite part in the house. If you don't know, we remodeled the entire house after we bought it in Dec 2019 and you can find all of our home reno blog posts here. We did live in the house without blinds for a few months so when we got these and I could sleep in and it was dark in the room was amazing!

The blinds we got:

Pro's of these blinds:

1. You can buy a remote for each room. For the first floor I just have one remote for the kitchen, living room, office, dining, and front door. For each bedroom I chose it to have its own remote- especially if you have guests sleepover or for your kids. I typically use the app (Automate Pulse) when I close/open them separately so having really been using the remote much.

2. We got the wifi bridge which connects the blinds to the app. This app allows you to automate your blinds to go up at a certain time every morning and even close each night. I automated mine to go down 10 minutes after sunset and yes it knows when sunset is each night. It's amazing.

Things to manage:

Sometimes one blind doesn't open/close and that's when you have to charge it. I bought 3 chargers for 20 windows and we just had to charge each of them for 6 hours the day of installation.

Things to realize before buying:

1. Make sure to order the free sample swatches to confirm the color you need/want.

2. I had to get the outside mount and we got the fabric fascia but when i started ordering, i only ordered one blind first to make sure i got the measurements correct. I added extra inches on the width and it ended up being perfect. If the width of my window including the window casing was 22 inches, I ordered a 24 inch width shade. The length I just added extra length because you can perfect where it goes down to when you program the remote and blind.


Hope this helps!


Thanks to Select Blinds for providing a discount.

All of the photos have been edited with my presets

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All my home reno blog posts are here

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xoxo ela

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melon four
melon four
4 days ago

Occasionally, a single blind may fail to open or close, necessitating the need to recharge it. I purchased three chargers for a total of 20 windows. On the day of installation, we had to charge each charger for a duration of 6 hours. doodle baseball

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