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Santorini, Greece

Our second stop was Santorini! First stop was Mykonos if you haven't read that blog post!

Before we get to the good stuff....

check out the viral tik tok we made in our room :) and

Day 1

We took the 2 hour ferry from Mykonos to Santorini and man do they have it down pat. We left our luggage right when you walk into the ferry, go upstairs to relax, then come back down and they kick you off very quickly hahah. We took the local bus from the port to Fira. Definitely try to get a quick cab from Fira bus station to Panorama if you have heavy luggage. We stayed at Panorama Suites and it was very close to the bus station but with heavy bags going uphill on cobblestone, not fun. I am sure that the hotel probably does something for you to bring your bags up so make sure to ask them because we didn't lol. We were in room 11 and the view from our room was beautiful - there are a lot of stairs so just FYI. After we unpacked a little bit we walked to Luckys Souvlaki and it was really good gyros. We kind of walked around a little bit and then went to the pool to relax because we got up really early that morning to catch the ferry. For dinner we went to Naoussa which when you're eating the view isn't that great because everyone's in front of you but right on the stairs towards the town is such a good picture spot and Colin didn't want to take a picture at first but I'm so glad that we did and I always show him see look at that photo because we wouldn't have gotten that because you didn't want to take one haha. We walked around a bit after dinner and Colin ran into a friend of hers which was so crazy so we had a drink with them and then went back to the hotel because we had an early wake time to get on the boat.

Day 2

Day two we had reservations with Santorini Sailing to go on a sailboat from 10 to 3 o'clock they also had a sunset one but I wanted to get some color plus Colin wanted to keep his dinner reservations that he had. They had a bus pick us up pretty close to the hotel and the bus also dropped us off back home it was so nice because they made us an entire lunch and we met some other couples and it was just honestly an amazing time and I highly recommend it. They also had beer and wine all included as well. We got to see the red beach and a few other popular places and also got to get out and swim. After that we got ready and went to the bus station to take the bus to Oia (pronounced eee-yuh) and we really wanted to go to the picturesque spots that are really popular so we walked there and here's the link to the YouTube video that shows you exactly how to get there and it's so nice I also kind of explained it in my YouTube video as well. For dinner we went to Elinikon which is more of the windmills but it was still really pretty too. After that we walked around a little bit and then took the bus back to Fiora and walked around to a few bars and my favorite was definitely two brothers because they play just great music that is on trend in Europe and one of the other bars we went to only played like rap but I'm in Europe and I want to hear house music. :)

Day 3

This was our last day so we went to Pyto Gyro's in Oia and then walked around here went to some more photo of places and went back to Fira to relax for a bit and we went to the pool for a bit as well and then got ready and went to Argo restaurant which was so so so beautiful for the sunset.

Day 4

Off to Zakynthos!

List of restaurants:

  • Pyto Gyros- the best one we had- Oia

  • Naoussa- Fire

  • Argo restaurant- Fira

  • Lucky Souvlaki- Fira

  • Elinikon- Oia


  • Two Brothers

Hope this helps your planning if you decide to go!


Most of the photos have been edited with my presets

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xoxo ela

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