How I Survived Moving Back Home/ My Bedroom Decor

June 12, 2017

Moving home for anyone is such a culture shock. You're used to doing things your own way and then you're back at your parents house. For me, I kept myself busy and knew I had to make this home feel like my own so I started organizing all the drawers first in the bathroom and then moved into the kitchen. I've also learned throughout moving home how clean and organized I am. I knew I had to make my room feel as cozy as possible and I knew I had to feel comfortable in it as much as I could. First I started painting my room white, my favorite color. Then I moved all my furniture in from my apartment. My roomie was very into interior decor, the place really looked amazing and we had a great view of the Chicago skyline. I do miss it for sure. But I do have to say, the things I had in my apartment looked so much better now in a room with nice wood floor, no pop corn ceilings, and an all white aesthetic. I was instantly excited, Thank God. I organized the hell out of my closet, put winter clothes in boxes, and made my room exactly what I wanted it to be. Chic, bright, and organized. I ordered the prints above my bed off of World Market. My nightstands are from one of the Zara window displays. My old roommate does the windows for Chicago, Boston, among other cities and she brought these home for me one day since I desperately needed night stands. My bed came with just regular black buttons in the headboard but I got thumb tacks off Amazon and stuck them in as buttons to add a gold element and spice it up a bit. The dead roses are an interesting piece of decor and a collection of roses I've gotten from my boyfriend, Colin. The first bouquet started to die and I realized it kind of look cool dead so I just started to add more from him to it. More details below where everything is from but I continuously try to redo each room in the house to give me something to work on and something to do while living in the burbs so you'll be seeing some posts about each room my brother and I have done. Coincidentally at the same time I moved home, my brother lived at home as well and we tag teamed a lot of this. He is the reason I'm not taken after selling so much furniture on the app OfferUp and 5miles. Also, thank goodness for my cousins that live a block away from my parents house, I could always escape there if I needed some change. Moral of the story, making my home feel like my own home helped me a ton and feeling in control helped my anxiety. I've also focused on saving money and found some new hobbies that I love, aka remodeling homes. Do you have any anxiety remedies?


Insider trick: I painted the world map on my dresser because it was sold out online and was pretty pricey. I bought the canvas at Michaels (when it was 50% off during Christmas time) along with the some gold canvas paint color. Here is where you can buy the original if you don't want to paint one. If you're interested in me painting one for you, please send me an email or post a comment and let me know.  


Prints above my bed: Touch of Gold Wall Art- World Market

Mirror above my vanity: West Elm- On Sale Now!

Night stand lamps: Home Goods (sorry no link)

Euro pillows: Bed Bath and Beyond

Center black satin pillow: Here's a similar one from the same brand.



I've linked the other items further down- if you click on the actual item at the end of the post, it will take you to the site to check it out.


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 Similar bed




Similar lamp

 Similar chair





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