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My Everyday Beauty Products That I Love (+ Night Time Routine!)

I do have to be honest, I never really was into beauty products and a lot of it was because I didn't want to spend the money to purchase the darn expensive stuff... It was really social media influencers who got me to purchase my first serum, my first night cream, and so on because I trusted them and knew that it was working for them so I wanted to get something that I knew worked. I get that I'm only 26 and you think I don't need to worry about wrinkles but it's good to start early with these products because not only is it hydrating your skin especially in the winter months, but it's anti aging and preventing you to have bad skin in the future. I personally wish I started earlier.

I feel like the most important products I use are at night. So let me start there.


First off.. to wash my face I use my ONLY facewash that I've used for 7 years. There is a post on its own about how I love this facewash here but it's called the B Kamins Vegetable Cleanser. I've used it for so long because its gentle but it also removes all my makeup!! And I mean heavy eye makeup too.

Next I take off any stubborn eye residue off with Clarins Eye Remover. There's always that little bit left!

Then I go over with a cotton ball of Clarins Chamomile Toner. This takes off everything that your cleanser may have left. There's always something left even though you may think you took everything off.

I then put on Clarins Eye Cream on the inner corner of my eye and also under my eyes gently. *Use your ring finger to apply because that's your most gentle finger.

I then use the Clarins Double Serum. I use one pump and I pat it all over my face and my neck. You CANNOT forget your neck in any of these steps. That's where your age will show the most!

I then put on my night cream which is from Skin Ceuticals and I got the one for Oily/combo skin since my skin can get oily overnight and I don't want to wake up with pimples.

Now I'm done for the night!


Now when I wake up I wash my face again with the B Kamins Vegetable Cleanser. I'm also typically very lazy in the morning so I don't do much.

In the winter I also put the Clarins Double Serum on in the morning and then I move straight to moisturizer. I use the Clinique Redness Solutions cream which helps with red skin or rosatia.

My foundation is also Clinique Redness Solutions

I then put a little bit of MAC bronzer in Refined Golden and some mascara and I'm out for the day! I literally am SO lazy right!?

Let me know if you have any questions for me! I've used these products for a while now and have really felt my skin stay hydrated. In the summer I don't use the Clarins Double Serum twice a day since my skin is more oily then. This little change in my life that I've made really makes me feel like I'm taking care of my skin and myself.

xoxoxo ela

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