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My Self-Tanning Routine

I was NEVER into self tanning until recently where I found the best product for me. My friend Kate introduced me to it and I quickly ran to Amazon and ordered it for myself. There are two different tanning lotions from Vita Liberata that I use and one of them is a tinted lotion that hydrates while giving you some color and the other is a gradual lotion that hydrates, goes on clear, and gradually turns darker in the next few hours. For both you can apply two coats to get a more noticeable tan and you apply it with a mitt which is amazing so your hands stay clean. The one I purchased was the gradual lotion and the one I tried of Kate's is the tinted but I do like both. And this is what I'm going to apply on my entire body a couple days before Puerto Vallarta too.

1. So usually you're supposed to exfoliate in the shower but sometimes I put it on whenever I want. I don't wait until right after a shower. I'll put it on before bed because this doesn't go on clothes or your bed sheets which is another reason I love it. I also put it on in the morning before work on my face which gradually makes me tanner throughout the day.

2. The only thing is you don't want to have prior is lotion on your face or body before putting this on but sometimes I have and it makes no difference to me. I put on 2 coats on my body and usually one coat on my face. I only put on this little amount like below for each body part. So this amount of lotion would be good for one arm. Then I put more lotion on the mit (but here is my NEW favorite mitt! It comes with an exfoliator glove too!) and do the next arm. Then more lotion and my left leg, then more and my right leg. You get it now right? So then I do this all once and then I just go over one more time on each body part with the same amount of lotion like before.

The mitt is the most amazing invention because I remember back in the day when these tanning things came out and your hands would be so orange.

Regarding the process, honestly that's all I do and I am so much tanner than before. After the 2 coats this could last for about a week but you can always apply more a couple days later if you want to be tanner. I love that its a gradual process because you never freak out because you turned orange. Because that'll never happen unless you apply like 5 coats for the first time.

Below is a pic of a before and after. I did two coats and this is the after at about 3-5 hours. Sorry for the bad lighting but at least you see a difference here. It's not orange at all and gives you a nice glow.



Updated in November 2019 to include my new go to mitt!

Let me know if you've ever tried this or if you are going to now! My Fav!!

oxox ela

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