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My 10 Go To Makeup Products

Guys... I wanted to post this at the same time that SEPHORA is having a sale! Dangerous I know... but here are my top favorite products I use almost every day!

This is THE best face primer. I love using it right after moisturizer and before foundation (I know some people may know that but honestly I never used to wear it so if you don't know when you put it on, now you do!) It keeps your foundation on all day and lessens the oil buildup throughout the day which I have an issue with all the time. I get home and I'm ready to wash my face off but when I put this primer on, I can totally last a couple more hours at the end of the day.

When I'm lazy in the mornings and don't feel like putting make up on but have to go to work, I put on this tinted moisturizer that still gives me some color but it's not so heavy, like foundation. It also has an SPF which you should wear every day even if you're inside! I learned that after getting derma planing and she said you get exposure even from screens.

This is such a good go to bronzer.

If you need some good coverage then this is the best. I use it for my blog photos and it just covers up everything! I personally like to get a shade or two darker than my face color since my body is tanner than my face.

Such a good range of colors in this!

Um amazing mascara, that's it.

Great colors for contouring!!

I LOVE the colors in this too! I'm a neutral color person so I love how simple these are!

I have to use this to set my face after foundation. It helps with the oiliness and keeping your makeup on for a long time.

This is a great coverage and so nice for the under eyes! I also use this to cover any pimples on my face I have as well.


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xoxo ela

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