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Bedroom Decor Update

I have been wanting to fix my vanity area for a while now and am in LOVE with my new pale pink chair and mirrored gold wall decor! This place gets so dirty so fast with all my makeup so now I'm inspired to keep it clean again. I decided to go to Gordmans to look for items since they have such great prices and found these for such a steal. They also have SO many back to school items (cute clothing, fitness clothing, AND so much home decor) that it's such a great place to go for that. You can totally use this chair in a dorm room as your computer chair to spice up your dorm and decorate the walls with this wall piece. I was honestly so shocked by the great prices there. They also are not a retailer where you have to dig to find anything good. Honestly I wanted ALL the items in the home decor section - they had such a big selection and sooo well priced.

If you want to see what my vanity area looked like before going to Gordmans, click here.

Make sure to check out my vlog here of the behind the scenes of shooting these images. Colin caught me getting in some weird positions to get the best photos haha. Also...don’t forget to watch my insta stories for the behind the scenes of my everyday!

Thank you to Gordman's (Specialty Retailers, INC) for sponsoring this post! #IGotItAtGordmans

xoox ela

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