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Spare Bedroom REMODEL

We just remodeled one of our spare bedrooms that was honestly like a dumping ground. The difference is incredible and we didn't even do much! I know I wanted a bright white look (of course) so we painted the walls white, redid the floors, got new baseboards, and got a new dresser and then I incorporated random stuff from around the house in there too like the mirror and poof. I also posted a video of the entire remodel process.

1. Redo the floors

Initially we were going to put the laminate flooring on top of the carpet to save money and follow this tutorial here that I saw on Youtube but we found out that our door would not shut all the way because the floor was too raised up so we went with getting a family friend help us install the laminate flooring and I ripped out the carpet. (yup.. all by myself! it was a workout) We bought the flooring at Floor and Decor in Countryside, IL but they have locations all around the United States! It was called HydroShield. And I found an almost identical floor at Wayfair as well.

2. Install baseboards

We got the baseboards at Home Depot already primed and we actually didn't paint them a second time, just yet. We'll see if we'll need to as time goes on. I actually didn't realize how pricy baseboards can be though, I think it was around $200-300 dollars for the whole room. (the room is only 10x10) and about 10x11 including the closet)

3. Paint the walls

We painted the walls white with Behr Marquee Paint because you know I like white... :) It brightens up a room so much and it makes me happy :) We used matte and its a one coat paint.

4. Install drapes

We got the drapes at Bed Bath and Beyond along with the Double Rod in warm gold. I couldn't wait to rip off that previous shade haha.

5. Redecorate

I bought the white open shelving bookcase from Amazon to display any items that were on the ground which were my scarves, hats, gloves, etc. In the summer it'll be great for hats, sunglasses and beach towels, etc. We needed some storage in that room so it'll be great for that plus it has a shelf on the bottom for any miscellaneous stuff. It took my dad and I about an hour to 1.5 hours to set up. I'm sure you can buy it with assembly too though. I also had this garment rack sitting in our basement so I threw it in this room to fit a lot of the bulkier winter clothing and sweaters. Colin brought his shoe rack from his old apartment but I also see so many cute ones online like this one that I want now! The black mirror I used to have in my room but here's a similar. Also threw in this poof that used to be my vanity chair.

And yes this is where we took our puppy photoshoot photos :)

If you care to see the video to see our first few days with her, click here.


Let me know what you think of the remodel in the comments!

xoxo ela

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